Our advisory service is tailored to SME's looking to expand.  We focus on strategic options to reduce complexity, create sustainability whilst meeting internal and external stakeholder expectations.  As an approved advisor for the Advisory Board Centre, we can also facilitate introductions to their full advisory board process.

System Review

Access our deep expertise to provide external insight for your team to leverage when completing their scheduled reviews for your certified HSEC management system.
Completed digitally, d
elivers gap analysis and improvement options for regulatory and ISO/AS compliance, best practice effective HSEC outcomes and simpler documents.


With 24+ years of experience in countless leadership challenges, everfocus is ready to help your employees be better.  We coach WH&S reps, frontline and senior leaders to enhance their skills and improve your sustainability.  We also assist in auditing, incident and injury management and deliver workshops in key sustainability skills.

CE Assessment

Use our integrated assessment tool  of which circular economy principles and models you have in your existing business and highlight which opportunities you have to become more circular, resilient, profitable and succesful. 


everfocus will collaborate with you on how you can be more sustainable.  We target simple and effective solutions to create better WH&S systems, utilise circular economies, strengthen your risk management, make your business more resilient and enhance your environmental impact.