• Ryan Hollis

Thinking about risk

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

How do you think about risk in your business?

Maybe you are like the base jumper in this picture....you love risk, you plan for it, get excited by it and see it as a way of going forwards and achieving all your goals.

Or perhaps your business does not actively think about risk, or have enough time and resources to manage risk effectively.

In truth, across businesses and organisations there is a whole range of thinking patterns that exist about risk. What is for sure though, is that we all think about risk, either consciously or unconsciously. And we make decisions and take actions based on those thoughts.

With this in mind, we used our experience in working across high risk industries over the last 25 years to identify what risk management practices we see in successful and sustainable businesses.

So, the next time you think about risk in your business, here are 9 practices you might consider.

We hope you find these 9 practices insightful and possible for your business. If you like to test new learnings quickly as a leader, we invite you to try practice #7 in your business with your existing risks and controls to see what you find.

You never know, it might change the way you think about risk......

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